What we do
  Strategic and financial advice
  Market researchs and studies
  Assistance to business start up
  Managerial training
  Project financing
  Local marketing



Advice and Assistance to small and middle businesses and to private companies in the South are affered By Promez srl, farmed in 1987 in Bari, with external offices since 1990 in Taranto, since 1998 in Lecce. Our purpose is to offer clients-firms certain services allowing the business managment to fill the several market requirements. Promez, also, supports concerns in finding financial funds needed for business development, applying too, forms of facilitated financing farcast by the legislation in force.


Particularly range of services offered include:

  • assistance and programming of new concerns;
  • tutorship;
  • research;
  • training;
  • assistance to public company;
  • production of software programs for above listed activities.

E' All these elements allow Promez to make its Clients rearch efficacious and efficient business management.
Promez enjoying qualified know –how acquired through several experiences, fills different requirements of small and middle concerns in a pliable and opportune way, also according to real management necessities.

Promez S.r.l. - Via G. Petroni, 4 - 70100 BARI - Tel 0805564473 - Fax 0805508467 - email info@promez.it