Who we are


Promez has a mission :

· Solve public and private concerns management problems through advices dnd helps to increase present and future development perspectives,
· Develope reforming ways of assistance and aids, trough a constant appeal to the applied research and to a close relationship with clients;
· Invest in itself to build a transparent, efficient, and highly professional organization.

To attain these objects, with the passing of time, a supply system has been build to offer:

· An integrated advice (from concerns start up to business growth plans);
· Training to business management;
· Research.

Since 20 years Promez, engaged in the support of new entrepreneurs too, has consolidated new model of assistance able to::

· Take up growth
· Assure a rational use of resources
· Produce greater results
· Give awareness in lacking resources managment”
· Avoid “managment philosophies”;

Today, Promez main resource consists of a professional equipe of great experience. A distinct administrative office consisting of Junior consulents to whom you can apply for informations, explanations on legislatation, recommandations on opportunities at your disposal.
Recommandations quality is also guarateed by the competence and devotion of its personal; researchers, senior and junior advicers; by technical instruments they dispose and by exclusive practies put right by Promez.

Promez S.r.l. - Via G. Petroni, 4 - 70100 BARI - Tel 0805564473 - Fax 0805508467 - email info@promez.it