What we do
  Strategic and financial advice
  Market researchs and studies
  Assistance to business start up
  Managerial training
  Project financing
  Local marketing



Promez is specialized in :

  • Area examinations
  • Basic inquires to investigate in depth specific markets (customerís needs, channel features, competitors map)
  • Inquiries to valute new opportunities on foreign markets to ente new market areas.
  • Investigations on products/services
  • Investigations on contribution
  • Industrial investigations.

With reference to market researchs, one of the fondamental critesion used is that of acquiring cognitive elements of the reference market, customers, supplier, consumers, competitioners with the purpose to value and examine carefully marketing problems and to promote decisions of private and pubblic interest.

Social- economic investigations aim to analyse the italian social and economic web and particularly of the South, focusing the mains problems which create those economic and social tensions able to hinder small and middele concerns promoting in this way public initiatives.

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